EnviroMax is owned and operated by Howard Godfrey, Andover Ohio

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st-icon.pngWelcome to EnviroMax LLC

EnviroMax is owned and operated by Howard Godfrey, Andover Ohio

EnviroMax machines are built one at a time, with a down payment and sales invoice, to have a build slot determined.

If a specific build completion date is required, plan ahead, and don’t wait until you need it. Orders are first come, first served.

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Experience The Most Elite Forwarder Forestry Machine At Their Best!

When crafting the best forwarder forestry machine – we think out of the box. At Enviro Max LLC, coming up with innovative ideas is a hobby. We believe in standing out against our competition by providing you with the best forwarder forestry machine.

Once you take charge of one of our forwarder logging – you would understand their power and their might. You would feel like as if you can go through a mountain – and in reality, you can!

Our logging forestry equipment stand out against every other forwarder on the market. Our logging forestry equipment has an increased power and torque. At Enviro Max LLC, we design them with proven elements like durable booms, axles, and electrical components to withstand the most demanding logging environments.

We know and understand the state of your workplace’s environment – this is why with us downtime is never a reality. Our logging forestry equipment is backed by over a half-century of experience in the woods, our logging forestry equipment are made to work smarter just like you.

Throughout North America, forestry has been practiced by First Nations in Canada and early immigrants in the United States since the 1600s. However, logging forestry equipment have witnessed a great advancement, with a lot of the most notable advancements occurring in the last century.

We Provide The Best Logging Forestry Equipment

Are you planning a trip to the woods? Do you have everything you’ll require? If you don’t have the best logging forestry equipment from Enviro Max LLC, you don’t have everything. Enviro Max LLC is familiar with all of your forestry needs, and we understand how the forest puts everyone to the test.

Enviro Max LLC provides the best forwarder logging because we understand and know all of your issues. You can count on Enviro Max LLC to deliver when all hope appears to be gone in a dark jungle. Enviro Max LLC provides the best forwarder logging available; our equipment is capable of dealing with all your forestry struggles.