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Why Do You Need Low Impact Logging Equipment?

low impact logging equipment is crucial for forest health.

The most important low impact logging activity in forests managed for commercial wood production is thinning. Thinning is the process which if carried out correctly helps standing trees gain nutrients from their decreased competition. Put simply, thinning is just the process of removing the smaller, weaker, worse quality, and dead and dying trees to promote the health of the much more important and healthier trees.

Only Enviro Max LLC understands this and this is why we have experts who specialize in designing compact and low impact logging machinery.

You Need Our Low Ground Pressure Logging Machines!

When carefully harvesting timber, you need the best low impact logging machinery. You need something that can carefully deliver in a tough and demanding environment and also handles the pressure like you. At Enviro Max LLC, coming up with innovative ideas is a hobby. We believe in standing out against our competition by providing you with the best low impact logging machinery.

Enviro Max LLC provides the best low impact logging machinery because we understand and know all of your issues. You can count on Enviro Max LLC to deliver when all hope appears to be gone in a dark jungle. Enviro Max LLC provides the best low impact logging machinery available; our Low Impact Logging Equipment is capable of dealing with all your forestry struggles!

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Reasons for Ownership

Serious “LOW IMPACT LOGGING” is now possible with EnviroMax.

The EnviroMax machines are the real deal for year around production. Being able to produce and survive soft ground conditions. This equates to profits, and sustainability, not possible with conventional equipment.

Property owners, foresters, and you will be impressed by the difference between wheel machines and EnviroMax. Deep ruts in the wood lot will be only a distant memory, of the past.

These machines will give you the ability be profitable in conditions that are marginal, or next to impossible for wheel machines.

The key to the EnviroMax advantage is super low ground pressure 4 psi empty, and 7 psi loaded, is the answer.

Harvesting with EnviroMax will open doors for timber procurement. Word travels fast when a destructive, sloppy, logging job is done. Conversely it is always noticed when an EnviroMax job, does not fill the woodlot with ruts, and has a neatly stacked log pile, roadside, ready for transport.

You will be proud of the neat job, the public sees, and you will get calls from land owners and foresters, wanting your style of harvest, done on their property.

If you are a portable saw mill operator, the smaller EnviroMax is for you. It will give you a steady supply of CLEAN logs unloaded on the skidway, for non stop, year around, production.

Many local mills have discovered the EnviroMax advantage, and wouldn’t be without these machines. Several have even expanded their operations, and purchased more EnviroMax’s.

EnviroMax’s unique undercarriage, is a proven design, that has been adapted to the logging industry’s unique needs. Rest assured that undercarriage replacement parts are readily available. Normal delivery time for these wear items is 2 days.

If an Apples to Apples price comparison is needed, EnviroMax is priced lower than comparable wheel machines, that won’t be able to work, when EnviroMax keeps on producing in bad weather, and poor ground conditions.