EnviroMax is owned and operated by Howard Godfrey, Andover Ohio

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Enviro Max LLC – Top Timber Harvester Manufacturer In The US

When harvesting timber you need the best timber harvesting machines. You need something that can withstand the pressure and deliver in a tough and demanding environment just like you. At Enviro Max LLC, coming up with innovative ideas is a hobby. We believe in standing out against our competition by providing you with the best timber harvesting machines.

Why You Need Our timber cutting equipment?

Throughout North America, forestry has been practiced by First Nations in Canada and early immigrants in the United States since the 1600s. However, wood harvester machine have become a man’s best friend whenever it comes to harvesting heavy and hard trees.

Are you going out to deal with the same thing? Well make sure that you have a wood harvester machine from Enviro Max LLC. Why do you need our timber cutting equipment?

Once you take charge of one of our timber harvesting machines – you become one with their power and their might. You feel like as if you can go through a mountain – and in reality, you can!

Our timber harvesting machines stand out against every obstacle you can or would face in your journey to harvest the best timber. Our timber harvesting machines have an increased efficiency and thus an increased time saving capability. At Enviro Max LLC, we design our logging harvester after considering your struggles. Thus, as a result, our logging harvester are more durable and withstand the most demanding harvestings environments.

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We Produce The Best wood harvester machine

We know and understand the state of your workplace’s environment – this is why with us you never face downtime. Our logging harvester is backed by tons of research and innovation — our logging harvester are made to work smarter just like you.